A poem (or hymn) from the evening

I made myself a little corner of quiet the other night and wrote a little poem, or hymn, depending upon how you look at it. I hope that it gives you a moment of comfort, consolation, and peace.

My Lord has written His sweet name
Upon my feeble heart;
His promise every day the same:
Never from me to part.

In waters pure my Lord did take
My every sin away,
For He did full atonement make
And for my soul did pay.

Jesus, the Son of righteousness,
Ascends to heav’n above,
Yet dwells here too, with forgiveness,
In His bless’d meal of love.

Praise Jesus Christ, Savior most bless’d
And Holy Spirit, Lord
And Father, three-in-one confess’d;
I am to Thee restored!

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