Coming Soon: A Biblical Response to Witchcraft

A Biblical Response to Witchcraft by [Concordia Publishing House]

Concordia Publishing House was gracious enough to invite me to work on another tract, which will be coming out mid-October. Fittingly enough, this one is A Biblical Response to Witchcraft. From CPH:

No fairy tale fantasy, witchcraft is a real, contemporary practice that has been growing in popularity over the past decades.

Whether driven to witchcraft through desire for control, spiritual harmony, health, or even violence, the fact remains that the practice is sinful. Humans are not God.

Called by Him, we should turn to Him, not the supernatural or the occult, especially when faced with a life that feels out of control.

You can preorder the tract is packs of twenty here: It’s also available on Amazon as a Kindle ebook for $0.99.

Published by Molly Lackey

Molly Lackey is a wife, author, and church historian. She has a Master of Arts in Early Modern European History from Saint Louis University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alabama with a triple major in History, German, and Latin. Molly has contributed to Words of Strength and Promise: Devotions for Youth (CPH, 2021), has written for Higher Things Magazine, and has appeared on KFUO. She enjoys reading and talking theology with other laypeople, creating art, and drinking tea with her husband.

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